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10 06 2011

What’s Poppin’ People?

I decided that I would try a more contrite blog format as to keep myself from being too long winded!  So here goes…

If you want to know why the little guy above is working out math problems on the Chalk Board… Well its obvious he is showing the class how he resolves equations using Simple Math!  The same concept that is used to make Thousands of people a lot of money every month via Online Programs!  I want to show you the same thing!

The way I want to show you is through the re-launch of Gimme Da Loot Beta Version 1.2!  And I must say I am quite happy with the Newer Version.  I am not going to hype it up much here because, if you have read my other blogs then you know what’s going on and there is no need to be redundant.  I will say this much though… We use Simple Math to maneuver through several Cash Producing Online Programs without you going through all the painstaking steps of advertising, site building, etc.  In essence you will be able to “Rob the Internet Blind” by merely emailing your cohorts on your existing list, which we help you build, informing them of your next Cash Plan!  Do this without ever having to invest a dime!

Just simple concepts presented in an Online Board Game format!  Even though this is the Beta Version it still functions and pays like the Full Version Coming This Summer/Fall 2011.  To read more about the Game slide over to the Gimme Da Loot Tab and read up!  We Don’t Charge for Gameplay.  Quite the contrary… We Pay for Gameplay!  But you must be invited to get in on this Heist!  Another requisite for Gameplay is that you must be a part of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, etc. to take part!  Sorry… we are not prepared to deal with anyone without a Network.

If for some reason you don’t have an Invite, Read the Ready to Print eBrochure, which you can download below, for special links to get you started! If you think this is your kind of game, Then Download the Board and Play Today!  If you have any questions Give Me a Call on my Almost $ecret Powerline at 313-473-0709! This game is rate H for Hustle which means you must have a Go-Getter’s spirit or you will fail!

You want to learn more about The Science of our Gamers’ Mentality then you will need to read some of my Article via my Expert Page on which you can access by Clicking the Icon to the right!  Read Up, Hustle Up, Get on Board with The Heist Today!

Are you ready to have a $10k week

or a $100k month?

Get in The Game Today!

I’m moderating my “Theme Music” and now turning it into my Present Life’s Soundtrack!  Now Playing… “The Go Getter” by The Black Keys!

As Always I wish you…

Success & Nothing Less!

C.F. Hutton

The Challenge

10 03 2011


Welcome Threadheads!

I am glad you chose to be here with me today and I want to extend to you my deepest gratitude! But without getting all sentimental about it, I would rather just get to it! In my last blog on my other site called “Millionaire Grind” on the Instant Blog Subscribers Network, I began to detail to you about my Brand New Promotion to Send 25 People on a 2-Night Cruise to the Bahamas. How am I to do this? The Trips will be awarded to the First 25 people that play Gimme Da Loot and make it the 2nd Phase of the Heist before time runs out on 3/18/2011! That means you have very little time to do it in! So You Better Get Started Now! No Purchase Necessary! Get Up & Go Required! We call this one…

We will get to more info about the contest, but I want to finish my tale I began on my last Blog about the Challenge I issued to one of the “Gurus” out here to test my system. If you missed the beginning the please Click Here to get to my other Blog to Catch Up. If you want to know why I am doing a Two-Part Story and redirecting you to yet another blog, well, it’s because I use my other blog primarily to promote other products and offers and I leave this main blog for the movement. Rarely do I actually use that forum to speak. So I thought it might be a pleasant change to speak to my followers over there in a different manner than what they are used to from me.

Let’s get back to the story. When we left off you found out that I Issued a Challenge to one of the “Gurus” to test out Gimme Da Loot to see if it were more lucrative than making a mere $25-$50 a week as was the topic of his “either/or” twitter inquiry. What he said to me was “Your presentation doesn’t excite me”! This was funny because I wasn’t aware that you really needed to have a stellar presentation, to take up a dare! You either do it or you don’t! Take the Challenge or Decline It. At least that’s what I have always been taught. There are No Excuses in a Challenge! You either have the “sand” to take it up or you don’t. As I said in my previous blog I am not saying these things to be inflammatory or demeaning, just the truth.

I respect his decision to decline but this is what else he said My focus is already set. If the first page doesn’t say what the product or service is I’m not interested.” Mind you, he never asked what the challenge was about. He just proceeded to decline. In challenges, ladies and gentlemen, most are issued to draw out questions and/or make points. I did send and eBrochure simply to provoke a question as to what this was all about since he doesn’t exactly “know” me per say. Sure we exchange tweets from time to time but that doesn’t make us friends. It certainly doesn’t obligate him to do anything for me, but I do recall on a different occasion when he asked me to sign up for some program he was promoting and I did it just to give it a spin. Why not? It wasn’t costing me anything! This is my point in and of itself, if your “Gurus” only want you to do things for them, and you can’t get them to do something for you, then what’s the point in supporting them?

Everyone in Online Marketing has something to sell. Consequently most followers of the “Gurus” are Opportunity Seekers looking to capitalize on something great. As Gurus, Consultants, and/or Coaches it is imperative to research some of these solicitations and get on board a few to reciprocate the love you’re shown when people support you and your efforts. When I accepted his offer, I never said “There’s no clear product or service displayed and that will divert my time and resources to those things I know that work.Whoever said I had a clear product or service to show? I just issued a Challenge. It could have been one thing, or a dozen, but You Never Know Unless You Dare to Ask a Question. He never got to the Info page for Gimme Da Loot because he didn’t have the time to peruse the information! LOL

He never saw a Clear Service or Product because that is not how the game is played! There isn’t supposed to be a Service or Product out front in this game… As all my subscribers know… It’s about navigating through the levels and building your Power Network! I will give you a link to the eBrochure I sent him in a moment. But I want to first address the issue of looking at Gimme Da Loot for a Direct Service or Product. You won’t see one standing out front because to do so, means I am selling you one or more of these things, which is not what I am doing. I Am Showing People How to Manipulate these Systems to Make Them Pay You without Having to Invest any Upfront Monies! Had my colleague asked me, he would have discovered this bit of knowledge.

I am not bitter that he did not try G.D.L; in fact, I am grateful because it inspired this post and made me work harder! I need to inform the public that Gimme Da Loot is in its infancy stages, but is still very powerful and the Remix version that’s coming very soon will have a more direct feel of an Online Game! Right now I would think of it more as a Living Board Game without the Board. I take all types of suggestions on how to make it better; however, this should not ever imply that it does not work very, very, well! That is, if you have some Get Up and Go about you! I built the game as a means to give Entrepreneurs, Hustlers, and Investors something to assist in building Revenue streams while giving a Launch Pad to their own programs and/or services that help in the efforts of Multiple Streams of Income. If You So Dare to Take Up the Challenge!

Now to help you understand that Gimme Da Loot is one of the Best Earning Opportunities out there, I put it in the form of a Game so that you will have fun earning as you progress through the Levels! By even participating you are being initiated into our Almost $ecret Society! And I have gifts galore for you! Something for those of you with enough guts to take me up on this journey! The First of which is The Bahamas or Bust Contest! This is not a Sweepstakes where you enter for a Chance to Win. This is a Guaranteed Win for the First 25 to the Table Ready to Really Earn! For more info on this Contest Click Here!

For those of you that want a little more Info on G.D.L then I encourage you to visit the Gimme Da Loot Tab on this blog. For those of you that just want to get an overview of what G.D.L is all about or if you want to see the eBrochure I sent to my colleague, that “didn’t excite” him… LOL … then:

Don’t worry you will still end up on the Main Tab if you view the Brochure first. If you are one of the First 25 to complete the steps, you will end up in a Winning Position no matter what! That’s all for now My People!

I will leave you with my Theme Music! Every Good UnSeen Guru should have some:

As Always I Wish You

Success & Nothing Less!

C. F. Hutton

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F*#k What People Think!

8 02 2011

I have been meaning to make this post for over a month now and I’m finally getting around to doing so! I initially wanted to put it up after a Facebook post I made early in the New Year. I got so busy developing projects that I didn’t get around to creating it. Now here we are in the 2nd month of 2011 and this is my First Post for the year! I feel like I have been cheating all of you by not keeping my voice in the forefront of your minds so now I will have to buckle down and make sure I do a post a week at least! With that in mind I will be writing another post later today to release maybe on Friday… who knows? But first let’s talk about why I got my man Johnny Cash flipping the bird to everyone!

Do you know what the toughest thing to do in this world is? Some people would say… “Obtaining Wealth” others would say “Living a Stress Free life” some might even say “Finding Love”. I say it is Managing Your Self-Talk! What is Self-Talk? “Self-Talk” is the voice you hear in your head when you read this post. It is also the voice you hear in your head when you are thinking about something, or coming to a conclusion about some things, and even when you are deciding what to wear for the day. It is our conscience speaking to our practical mind and sometimes vice versa! Sigmund Freud defined this voice as it separates into categories: The Id, The Ego, & The Super Ego. Without getting all Freudian on you let’s just say that the mind goes through a lot of changes just to develop that voice in your head.

Now let me say that it is not unusual to have more than one voice in your head! Some people may define this as Psychosis or Schizophrenia. I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Through my own experiences and education I realized something. Humans don’t really know much about how the mind operates or even what gives us our state sentient behavior. So what do we do when we come across something we don’t understand? We condemn it! We imprison that abnormality or we poke, slice & dice it, instead of letting it be. How can we evolve if we embrace this behavior as the norm? If qualified professionals can’t explain our awareness as humans, then what drives their behaviors in developing so called treatments for these “disorders”. I tell you the treatments may have some scientific strategy but it really all boils down to the Self-Talk of the “Expert” that developed the strategy. They had to ask themselves questions and come up with acceptable solutions for the masses. It’s a crazy matter but it is what it is. This brings me to my point of saying “F*#k What People Think!”

I am a Certified Expert in my field of Power Networking, as graciously bestowed upon me by Does this make my words any more effective when speaking to people? Depends on the person right? Most Experts relay Tried & Proven techniques within their field in order to get the title of Expert! I am a tad bit different because even though I have the title, and my methods are Tried & Proven, how can I truly be an Expert if I don’t help others achieve greatness if for no other reason than to free themselves of other people’s opinions and/or criticisms? I am not worried about myself when it comes to the fame of being an expert. I measure how great I am by how many people I can help! And I believe I can help you! Even still, F*#k What I Think!  Just because I say I “believe” I can be of assistance, it does not equate with actually being able to do so!  This is why I invite you to prove me wrong! Test me out!!

You see I don’t care about what the Naysayers think… F*#k that! I don’t care about how many critics may believe my tactics are trivial… F*#k them! And I don’t care how many excuses that you make for yourself as to why you are not where you want to be financially… F*#k that too! If you haven’t heard I am turning people into success stories starting from scratch! You don’t even need money to begin with me! I just need your focused attention to detail and your ability to follow Step-by-Step directions. If you can do that, then by this time next week you will have earned hundreds while marching into your second week prepared to make thousands!  Furthermore, within just 90 days, I will have Lump Sums of Cash delivered straight to your door!

However, you will have to Do Some Learning and Have Some Hustle about yourself! It’s easy but it won’t be on autopilot until after you put in your 90 days! For some of you, it will happen a lot sooner than 90 days! These will be the individuals that pay strict attention to detail and have a sense of urgency! For others it will take the full 90 days. Then there will be some of you that will give up in the very beginning because you don’t believe in yourself or you have allowed others to give you an opinion on how things should be for yourself. F*#k what they think! You have to Learn & Earn! You merely start with making hundreds but if you follow instructions you will Make Thousands in your 2nd week alone!

I have found something I believe every True Go-Getter should see! It is a scene from the film Boiler Room (2000) starring Giovanni Ribisi, Ron Rifkin, Ben Affleck, Nia Long, Vin Diesel, Scott Caan and others! Great film! But this particular scene features Ben Affleck in a pivotal role explaining the things we all need to know if we want to be successful! Check It Out!

Do you now understand the attitude you have to adopt to be successful? It won’t just be a simple head nod and a little time to try something out to see if it works. You will have to commit fully to this success! If you do, you will achieve far beyond what you expect. I have even made it as simple as starting for No Money Upfront! All you need is a PayPal Account, about an Hour to spend setting up and then you are rolling! You will be earning money by day two and off to achieving your 1st week’s goals! And you will earn as much money as you want that first week! And as frequently as u want! Then you will take a small portion of those profits to reinvest in yourself! You will also have a Virtual Mentor with you every step of the way! No, they are not some hired Gurus. They will be Real People that have already gone through what you are now willing to do!

You will be supported through the entire process! And the best thing is there are No Websites to create, No Cold Calling, and No BS! Just simple tactics to get you paid! I think the best part about it is that NO ONE will believe the success you are having! Naysayers will come from far and wide to discourage you! FUCK WHAT THEY THINK! I thrive in that type of atmosphere because the best part of shutting them up, is slapping them in the face with SUCCESS, and never acknowledging their demeaning comments against you! Be a Class Act! If you are not able to take insults, negative criticisms, and outright lies about you, then you need to give up pursuing wealth! It is not for you if you can’t take gut punches! It is true what they say when it is said You have to walk through Hell, to get to Heaven”!

Decide for yourself! I am here to help! If you want more Info on the program Click Here to read up on Gimme Da Loot then slide over to the GDL page on this blog and get started! I will leave you with my Theme Music! Every Good UnSeen Guru should have some!

As always I wish you…

Success & Nothing Less

C. F.