Is this another one of those Free eBooks that is supposed to take you from “imp to pimp” on the Internet? Another one of those “Sure Fire” ways to make money “Hand over Fist in an otherwise saturated Internet Marketplace!  Is this another one of those “Winning Systems” if I only purchase the products they have “hidden” inside!

Well my  skeptical friends you are only partially correct!



In fact my friends this may very well be the Door you have been looking forward to opening so that you won’t have to buy into all the “Success for Pay” plans out there! Will the details inside cost you something?

The  Answer is an Emphatic YES! Everyone knows “The Game is To Be Sold and Not Told”… So there is a Cost!

It will Cost you your most valuable asset… Time! As well as your Focused Effort but it works!  Now how expensive is that to you? I know my time is very expensive to me! In fact I bill my time out at $120 per hour for a Consult! So I know how valuable time is!

How about you? Do you know how valuable your time is? I can tell you it can take about an hour to read and effectively apply the knowledge contained in this script! However you will have to work it daily! But the true amount of time it will cost you is up to you! But again, it works!! As it has worked… for as long as anyone can remember!

Inside My Book Are the Secrets “They” Don’t Really Want You To Know About! Why? Because it’s easier to sell you watered down versions of the same  concept without ever letting you know the truth on how to prosper using one of  the biggest Social Networks on the Planet!

But I am the UnSeen Guru! I don’t want to sell you something just to put my image out there and become famous! In fact you won’t see an actual image of me anywhere! My logo is derived from my likeness; however, that’s all you need to see! No Need to believe in me per say… Believe in You and Your Efforts!

Now let me be clear that I am not some Super Genius with many things to say on the way things should be. I am not the Super Rich trying to recycle my own systems into Packaged Programs to sell to you so that I may get Richer.

I am just a guy sick of buying into these programs that don’t tell you the Whole Truth! Don’t get me wrong… About 99% of the programs offered to help you prosper do actually work!  If you stick 100% to the program and… Here’s where it gets tricky… you INTERPRET them the right way!

The selling points, of these programs, are the financials! They get you excited and dreaming about what you can do with the money you earn. What you don’t actually pay attention to, even though it is articulated, is that you have to develop a “Niche Market” in order to excel in most of these programs! This is the fine print!

The thing about developing a “Niche Market” is that if you do so it is because you have aspirations of being an Entrepreneur! What about the people that just want to “Hustle” to get ahead so that they can do something they like to do other than switching titles from Employee to Business Owner?

Becoming a Business Owner is a No-Brainer for me and/or some of you out there… But not everyone wants the responsibility of running a business from day to day! Some people just want to do their work and get on with their lives and live better than “Working Poor” which is how most of us grew up.

Want to know more? I thought you might! Just Click on the Download Button for your Free Copy of the 1st Book in my “Hustle 2 LiveSeries. When you are done reading the first book in my Trilogy you will be off to earning unbelievable amounts of Cash!

And I will marvel in seeing you excel as Your Success is My Own! And you have my guarantee It Won’t Cost You a  Dime to Get Rolling! Of course there are tools inside the book which you can purchase to make your organization easier but… and it probably is not in my best interests to say this… you can purchase them after you start earning the way you are supposed to!

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